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My Muslim Sister, will you not respond?

My Muslim Sister, will you not respond?

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In today's world, Muslim women face a unique set of challenges and pressures. From societal expectations to cultural norms, women are often under immense pressure to conform to a narrow definition of beauty. This book, written from the author's personal experiences and observations, offers a refreshing and empowering perspective on what it means to be a Muslim woman.

Discover True Inner Beauty

The author delves into the importance of inner beauty over external appearances, reminding Muslim women that true beauty lies in their character and faith. She encourages women to embrace their true selves and find strength in their Islamic identity.

Navigate Societal and Cultural Influences

The book provides guidance on navigating the influences of society and culture, helping women to understand and resist unrealistic expectations of beauty. The author emphasizes the importance of seeking knowledge and understanding from reliable sources, such as the Quran and Sunnah.

Fulfill Your Obligations and Rights

The author discusses the obligations and rights of Muslim women, empowering them to make informed decisions about their lives. She encourages women to advocate for themselves and their families, while also upholding Islamic principles.

Embrace Your Self-Worth

This book is a powerful reminder that Muslim women are valuable and worthy of respect. The author's words offer encouragement and support, helping women to develop a strong sense of self-worth and appreciate their unique contributions to the world.

A Must-Read for Muslim Women of Today

My Muslim Sister, Will You Not Respond? is an essential read for Muslim women seeking guidance and empowerment in today's world. The author's insights and experiences offer a valuable perspective on navigating the challenges and pressures faced by Muslim women, while also emphasizing the importance of embracing one's true identity and faith.


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Nawaal Bint Abdullah








2021 (2nd Published)



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