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My Muslim Sister, will you not respond?

My Muslim Sister, will you not respond?

Beyond societal and cultural limitations, this book tackles the pervasive pressure on women, particularly Muslim women, to adhere to restrictive beauty ideals. Examining the disconnect between expectations and realities, the author draws on personal experience and observation to highlight the challenges and complexities of navigating femininity within these constraints.

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My Muslim Sister, Will you not respond?: Navigating Faith, Identity, and True Beauty in a Modern World


A heartfelt call to Muslim women. In "My Muslim Sister, Will you not respond?" Author draws on her own experiences and observations to delve into the challenges and triumphs faced by Muslim women today.

Societal expectations and cultural influences constantly bombard women with messages about their appearance. This book breaks free from the superficial, urging sisters to rediscover their worth beyond external definitions of beauty.

Islam offers a different perspective on beauty, one that goes beyond the physical. "My Muslim Sister, Will you not respond?" guides you on a journey to find grace and elegance within the framework of your faith. Discover how to express your individuality authentically while upholding your religious values.

This book is a gentle yet powerful conversation with Muslim sisters. It offers insightful reflections on obligations and rights, challenges societal pressures, and ultimately champions self-acceptance, strength, and self-worth.

More than just a book, "My Muslim Sister, Will you not respond?" is a companion on your path to understanding and appreciating your unique place in the world


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Nawaal Bint Abdullah








2021 (2nd Published)



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