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The Human was Created Weak

The Human was Created Weak

Weakness isn't reserved for a specific group; it's inherent in all humans. We're created with limitations and destined to return to them. Materialistic societies exploit this, manipulating vulnerability for control. But Prophet Muhammad was different. His mercy permeated all interactions, especially toward those he perceived as weak.


This book showcases exquisite examples of his compassion – stories relevant not just for Muslims, but for all humanity.

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"The Human was Created Weak": Exploring Universal Vulnerabilities


Ever thought weakness was exclusively associated with one group over another? Dr. Ragheb Elsergany challenges this notion, revealing a universal truth: humanity's inherent vulnerability. In "The Human was Created Weak" he embarks on a captivating journey through the Prophet Muhammad's (SAW) interactions with the weak, painting a vivid tapestry of compassion and strength.

This book is not just for Muslims; it's a universal hymn to human kindness. Witness how the Prophet (SAW), often misunderstood as solely stern and powerful, transformed into a beacon of gentleness when faced with vulnerability. Through captivating anecdotes and insightful analysis, Dr. Elsergany dismantles the misconception that strength lies in dominance, instead advocating for embracing empathy and fostering compassion.

In a world where materialistic tendencies often exploit the weak, this book serves as a powerful counterpoint. It highlights the transformative power of mercy, showcasing how genuine strength emerges not from crushing vulnerability, but from uplifting it. Prepare to be inspired by the Prophet's (SAW) unwavering tenderness and discover the hidden resilience that lies within each human heart, regardless of faith or background.


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