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The Easy Qur’an New (Full Arabic Page)

The Easy Qur’an New (Full Arabic Page)

Seeking a reliable and insightful translation of the Quran? Look no further than The Easy Qur'an, reviewed and approved by the highest religious authorities in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan. Published by Dakwah Corner Bookstore in Saudi Arabia, this translation is perfect for beginners and seasoned readers alike.

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Unveiling the Divine Essence: Your Guided Journey Through the Easy Qur'an


A groundbreaking translation that bridges the gap between ancient wisdom and modern life. Endorsed by esteemed Islamic authorities, this revolutionary work unlocks the profound meanings of the Qur'an in a readily accessible format.

Dive into a seamless tapestry of:

  • - Literal Clarity: Precise renditions of the original Arabic verses, ensuring faithfulness to the divine message.

  • - Illuminating Insights: Contextual explanations and references to al-Hadith, enriching your understanding.

  • - Modern Relevance: Interweaving scientific discoveries with the text, revealing the timeless truths for the contemporary world.

  • - Effortless Comprehension: Simple, clear language avoids arcane terminology and complex interpretations.

  • - Divine Context Revealed: Authentic explanations for each verse's revelation, deepening your connection to the Qur'an's source.

Embrace The Easy Qur'an New and embark on a transformative journey:

  • - Follow the path of the People of the Sunnah and the Jama'ah, immersing yourself in the core tenets of Islamic faith.

  • - Experience harmonious convergence of simplicity, accuracy, and spirituality, uncovering the Qur'an's profound messages at their core.

  • - Navigate the profound depths of divine guidance, discovering a renewed sense of purpose and understanding.

Start your path to spiritual enlightenment today. Let The Easy Qur'an New illuminate your understanding and awaken your faith.


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Dawah Corner Bookstore (Mecca)


Imtiaz Ahmad


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