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Islamic Leadership and Self-developments

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The Hallmark of Leadrship

English Books

৳ 1258.75

This book bridges the gap between cutting-edge leadership science and the timeless wisdom of Prophet Muhammad (SAW) and his Companions. It leverages a familiar modern leadership framework to illuminate the profound insights embedded in Islamic history.

Secrets Of Leadership And Influence

English Books

৳ 730.08

This book takes a fresh perspective on the leadership of Rasulullah ﷺ. Instead of the usual historical analysis, the author delves into His personal attributes and habits, identifying ten key qualities that define His unparalleled leadership and unveil why Muhammad ﷺ is considered the greatest and most impactful leader in history.

Leadership Lessons From The Life Of Rasulullah

English Books

৳ 755.25

This book unlocks the leadership lessons of Rasulullah SAW, making them accessible to all and exploring their relevance in our world today.