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Current Issues and Modern Sciences

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Adam : Between Evolution, Theistic Evolution & Revelation

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৳ 906.30

The Adam narrative has long ignited debate about our origins. This study offers a fresh perspective, critically analyzing both religious and scientific approaches. It challenges attempts to interpret the Islamic account through an evolutionary lens, highlighting the methodological difficulties and contradictions. By affirming the miraculous creation of Adam as presented in the Quran and Sunnah, the study contributes significantly to the ongoing dialogue about human existence.

The Modernist Menace To Islam

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৳ 881.13

This book aims to counter the influence of modernism, which is viewed as a threat. Modernism is considered the prevailing belief system of colonizers, imperialists engaging in military actions in the Muslim world, secularists suppressing Muslims globally, individuals publishing offensive caricatures of the Prophet, governments banning halal food and the headscarf, and anti-Muslim bigots advocating for the elimination of Islam worldwide. Muslims face pressure to abandon their Islamic faith and traditions in favor of embracing modernism as their religion.