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Privacy Policy of ilannoor Publication

Here through this privacy policy, we are trying to communicate with you how we are going to store and manage our valued users’ data. This document entails why we take user data, how we take user data and what data do we take to maximize the user experience of our audiences.

By visiting this website you are agreeing to these policies and are bound to follow our structured guidelines.

Data Information

We may collect various information if you seek to place an order for a product with us on the site.

We may collect personal information, such as your name, gender, profile picture, date of birth, email address, postal address, delivery address (if different), phone number, mobile number, fax number, payment information, payment card information, or bank account information.

Account information from your bank or credit card, and payment information (our affiliates or third parties may also collect such data).

Examples of profile information include usernames and passwords, account settings, orders, user research, hobbies, preferences, feedback, and survey results.

The information we collect will include any chat, email, or phone call history that you have with us or third parties, and any preferences you have for receiving marketing from us.

We may also request more information if relevant authorities need it for identity verification (e.g., I.D. cards, passports, and copies of government-issued documentation) or if you breach our Privacy Policy and Customer Terms and Conditions.

How We Use Your Data and Your rights

If you are concerned about what we may have on file for you, we have the right to make your data accessible. When mistakes in your data are identified, you have the right to request they be corrected.

We retain the right to charge a fair administrative cost for retrieving your data records if current data protection laws are authorized.

You may withdraw your consent to the continuous use, disclosure, keeping, and processing of your data by contacting our customer service, subject to the criteria and limits imposed by relevant laws or regulations.

We may not be able to provide you with services or fulfil any contract with you if you ask us to stop using, disclosing, keeping, or processing your data in the ways described above, or if you exercise any of your other legal rights, and we will not be liable to you if we do. We reserve our legal rights and remedies in such a case.

We use our users' data solely to improve user experience and analyze our business performance. These data allow us to determine appropriate web and user data analysis that further results in maximized user interactive secession.

We strongly oppose any fraudulent behavior involving your sensitive information and ensure that your data is always secure.

Data Deletions

You may also request that we remove your data. You may send an email to info.ilannoor@gmail.com with your request. We follow an internal deletion procedure to ensure that your data is securely removed within fifteen (15) working days of receiving your request. Your account will be activated after the appropriate steps have been completed.

To our Buyers

Due to the information you provide, we can process your orders and provide you with the services and information we offer through our website, and that you request as follows:

  • To deliver the items you purchased through the site, we may disclose your personal information to a third party (for example, our logistics partner).
  • Customer service for your orders verifies and carries out payment transactions (including credit card payments, bank transfers, offline payments, remittances, and e-wallet transactions).
  • Organize your finished orders, open orders, and items to be sent, as well as your addresses, bank account information (for refunds), and service providers.
  • We may have ordered data on file, but cannot access it directly.
  • You may update your address and bank information (for refund reasons) and sign up for a newsletter. Data must be kept private and not disclosed to unauthorized third parties.

P.S. We cannot be held accountable for password usage, which is not our fault.

Use of Cookies

We might use cookies to have a look at visitors' website usage, and a few other required data to optimize the user experience. Mainly cookies are used to get customized products elements suggestions based on users' usage and activities. So, it is kind of a must for us to collect this data and alleviate user experience.

Other uses of information

We may use your personal information for market and opinion research. Your information is anonymous and will only be used for statistical reasons.

Only disclosing your email address is required if you want to participate in competitions. We keep your survey responses independently from your email address.

We may also contact you about our products, sales offers, newsletters, or other businesses in our group. You may unsubscribe from the additional information detailed in this paragraph whenever you receive an email from us (or any part thereof).

We will stop sending you information once we get your request (on a day that is neither a Sunday nor a public holiday in Bangladesh). If your instructions are unclear, we may contact you.

When providing anonymous data, it may also be used to establish users' general location and use, and to provide that information to third parties, such as publishers. That anonymized data, however, will not be able to identify you individually.

Third-Party Application and link

Your information may be shared with other businesses in our group. In addition, we may disclose your information to our agents and subcontractors to help us implement your data privacy policy.

If required, we may provide your information to agents and subcontractors to help us with any of our data purposes. Information may also be shared with third parties to combat fraud and reduce credit risk.

Your personal information may be shared with third parties and our affiliates for the purposes stated above (or permitted to be transmitted). These third parties and affiliates might be in or out of your jurisdiction: their service suppliers and associated businesses.

We can often take the assistance of any third-party application at any time, depending on our website requirement. The applications we use might or might not collect user data that they can use for their required purpose. In this process ilannoor Publication will not be responsible for any user data collection and management by the applications.

By visiting our website clients, visitors or users are agreeing not to accuse ilannoor Publication of any use of user data.

What we do with Third-Party Data

We use third-Party data (like data from Facebook, Google, LinkedIn, etc) for creating an account with the User Name and Email Address as Profile data.

Data Sharing on Legal Ground

Although we promise maximum protection of our user data, we are obliged to wave some of the restrictions and privacy for government law enforcement. On the legal ground, we are bound to share user details if the government seeks it on legal grounds.

Apart from that, we are going to protect each and every data with the highest commitment towards safety and security.