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Zikr Morning, Evening & After Obligatory Prayers (Pocket Size)

Zikr Morning, Evening & After Obligatory Prayers (Pocket Size)

"Zikr Morning, Evening & After Obligatory Prayers" is an essential resource for every Muslim who wishes to strengthen their relationship with Allah (SWT) and live a more spiritual life. It is a concise and authentic guide to the remembrance of Allah (SWT), as taught by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him). It includes a collection of adhkars (supplications) to be recited in the morning, evening, and after obligatory prayers, as well as between dawn and sunrise and between Asr and sunset.

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Safeguard Your Spirit and Body: Zikr Morning, Evening & After Obligatory Prayers


Drawing upon the wisdom of renowned scholars like Imam Ibnul Qayyim and Ibn Taymiyyah, this concise guide presents a collection of authentic prophetic remembrances (adhkar) to be recited between dawn and sunrise, between Asr and sunset, and after each obligatory prayer.

By incorporating these remembrances into your daily routine, you can, with Allah's permission, seek spiritual and physical protection from all forms of harm. The booklet's simplified format, with Arabic text, transliteration, and translation, makes it easy to practice and memorize these powerful remembrances.

The Adhkars presented in this guide are culled from esteemed sources of Islamic knowledge, including:

  • - Al – Kalim At – Tayyib of Ibn Taymiyyah

  • - Al – Wabil As Sayyib of Ibnul Qayyim

  • - Al – Adhkar Imam An Nawawi

  • - Wird As Sabah wa Al Masaa of Sheikh Saed bin Wahf Al Qahtani RahimahuLLAH

Embrace the tranquility and blessings of Allah's remembrance and safeguard your well-being with this essential guide.


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