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Shi’ism Exposed

Shi’ism Exposed

This research delves into the history and core principles of Shi'ism, drawing extensively from Shia literature. It invites open-minded Shias to engage in critical reflection on their faith.

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Unveiling the Shi'a World: A Critical Examination of History, Theology, and Modern Contexts

Embark on a journey into the complex world of Shi'ism. This book, grounded in meticulous research and drawing directly from primary Shia sources, offers a unique perspective on its rise, core beliefs, and contemporary issues.

The history, ideological background, and threats posed by Shi’ism against the true Islam of our noble Prophet Muhammad (Peace be upon him) are clearly outlined, and the Muslim finds, in them, a warning against falling prey to the calls of the Shi’ites. Also it is a guidance for Shi’ittes to discover reality of Shi’ism to come back to the original faith of Islamic Monotheism.

This is not just an academic exploration; it's a call to open minds and hearts. This book serves as a window into its rich tapestry, dispelling misconstructions and fostering understanding. For Shi'a seeking a deeper self-reflection, it presents an opportunity to engage with critical perspectives and explore paths towards a more informed faith.

Whether you're seeking knowledge, clarity, or simply a deeper understanding of our complex religious landscape, Unveiling the Shi'a World invites you to engage in a thoughtful conversation on a faith that continues to shape the world.


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Dr. Abdur Rahman Ad Dimashqiyah, Abdullah Ibn Muhammad As Salafi







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