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The Choice : Islam & Christianity

The Choice : Islam & Christianity

A renowned Muslim scholar delves into the complexities of Christianity through a comprehensive analysis. This thought-provoking work critically examines theological interpretations, dissects historical controversies surrounding Jesus's divinity and the scriptures, and exposes potential distortions that may have obscured Jesus's original message. It further interrogates the concept of "Christianity" itself, questioning its adherence to Jesus's true teachings and highlighting the consequences of deviation. By offering a unique Islamic perspective, the author invites readers to engage in a critical investigation of Christian history and doctrines.

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Exploring Islam and Christianity: A Comparative Look Through "The Choice" by Ahmed Deedat

If you are a Muslim or Christian who wants to deepen your understanding of your faith, or if you are interested in learning more about Islam and Christianity, then you should read 'The Choice: Islam and Christianity' by Ahmed Deedat.

This book provides a comprehensive and informative overview of Islam and Christianity, answering common theological questions from a Muslim perspective. Deedat also reveals bitter truths about Christianity, Jesus's divinity, and the Bible, and discusses the relationship between Islam and the Christian Bible.

One of the most unique aspects of this book is that it offers a perspective on the history of Christianity that is not typically taught in Western schools. Deedat argues that the original followers of Jesus affirmed the Unity of God, but that this message was later corrupted by the emergence of "Christianity," which he sees as a fiction that replaced the truth.

If you are looking for a book that will challenge your thinking about Islam and Christianity, then 'The Choice: Islam and Christianity' is a must-read.


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