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The Modernist Menace To Islam

The Modernist Menace To Islam

This book aims to counter the influence of modernism, which is viewed as a threat. Modernism is considered the prevailing belief system of colonizers, imperialists engaging in military actions in the Muslim world, secularists suppressing Muslims globally, individuals publishing offensive caricatures of the Prophet, governments banning halal food and the headscarf, and anti-Muslim bigots advocating for the elimination of Islam worldwide. Muslims face pressure to abandon their Islamic faith and traditions in favor of embracing modernism as their religion.

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The Modernist Menace to Islam: Defending Your Faith: A Guide for Muslims in a Modern World

If you are a Muslim who is concerned about the threat posed by modernism to your faith, then this book is an essential read for you. In The Modernist Menace to Islam, the author provides a comprehensive and insightful response to the challenges posed by modernism.

The author argues that modernism is a religion in its own right, one that is being forced onto Muslims and pressuring them to abandon their faith and traditions. He examines the various aspects of modernism, such as atheism, secularism, liberalism, and feminism, and shows how they are rooted in modernist ideology and are being used to undermine Islam.

The book is divided into several chapters, each of which focuses on a different aspect of modernism and its impact on Islam. The chapters cover topics such as: Atheism, Secularism and democracy, Freedom, equality, and liberty, Feminism, Hijab, Science and scientism Liberalism and liberal hypocrisy, Progressivism and morality Reformists and modernists, Sex, zina, and homosexuality, Malaise

In each chapter, the author provides a detailed analysis of the topic at hand, showing how it is rooted in modernist ideology and how it is being used to undermine Islam. He also provides guidance on how Muslims can resist the modernist menace and remain steadfast in their faith.

The Modernist Menace to Islam is a timely and important work that is essential reading for all Muslims who are concerned about the future of their faith. It is a book that will help Muslims to understand the challenges they face and to develop the strategies they need to overcome them.


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