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Islamic Studies for Children (Intermediate Level)

Islamic Studies for Children (Intermediate Level)

This book unlocks the joy of learning Islamic Studies for children, teachers, and parents! Its clear and straightforward approach makes it easy for everyone to grasp the concepts. Engaging exercises accompany each topic, allowing teachers and parents to gauge understanding and guide students on how to apply their newfound knowledge in everyday life.

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Islamic Studies for Children: A Delightful Journey for Young Minds


Open a world of wonder and wisdom for your child with this engaging guide to Islamic Studies! Written in a clear and captivating style, this book makes learning about Allah, faith, and righteous living both enjoyable and meaningful for children, parents, and teachers alike.

Embark on a vibrant journey through:

  • - The Pillars of Faith: Discover the foundations of belief and build a strong understanding of Aqidah.

  • - Beautiful Manners: Nurture kindness, respect, and compassion through the timeless teachings of Akhlaq.

  • - Love through Worship: Experience the joy of Ibadah (devotion) as you explore meaningful ways to connect with Allah.

  • - Authentic Knowledge: Step into the heart of Islam through the Quran and Sunnah, the purest sources of our faith.

  • - Inspiring Lives: Follow the footsteps of the Prophet Muhammad (ﷺ) and his companions, their stories guiding your child's path with light and courage.

With interactive exercises and activities, this book goes beyond knowledge, empowering children to apply Islamic principles in their daily lives. Foster a love for faith and build a strong moral compass with this delightful companion, nurturing future generations of the Ummah with understanding, compassion, and unwavering faith.

Start your child's journey towards a fulfilling life in this world and the next – unlock the treasures of Islam today!


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