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A Practical Guide to Parenting in Islam

Posted by : admin / On : 2024-05-19 05:06:45 / In : Islamic

A Practical Guide to Parenting in Islam

Nurturing Faith and Character: The Guide to Parenting in Islam and Raising Righteous Children

In Islam, children are considered a precious gift from Allah, a trust to be nurtured and raised with love. The Quran emphasizes the importance of children, highlighting the longing some feel for this blessing. 
Parenting in Islam emphasizes simplicity and righteousness, guiding children toward Allah through everyday experiences and gentle reminders.

Parents must raise their children to be good and faithful. This journey begins early, as children are seen as sponges, absorbing knowledge and forming their character in their youth.

Importance of Parenting in Islam

In Islam , good upbringing is very important. It teaches children how to live and behave. Parents are their first teachers in life and faith. Being kind to parents is a way to please Allah and helps make a better community.

Our very existence is a testament to Allah’s grace bestowed upon us. Each moment of life is a reflection of this benevolence. Thus, We owe our being and vitality to the Almighty. Among the myriad of blessings we receive, the gift of children stands as a profound grace. Those longing for a child understand the value of this gift, which reveals the size of such a blessing.

“And Allah has made for you spouses of your own kind and has made for you from your spouses sons and grandsons and has provided for you from the good things. Then do they believe in falsehood and disbelieve in the favour of Allah?” – The Glorious Quran [16:72]

A family may have considerable wealth, yet experience a profound sense of melancholy. Their hearts remain unlit by the joyous laughter of a child’s innocent smile. Such a blessing is reserved for those upon whom Allah bestows it.

“To Allah belongs the dominion of the heavens and the earth. He creates what He wills. He grants to whom He wills female (children) and grants to whom He wills male (children). Or He grants them (of both sexes), males and females; He makes whom He wills barren. Indeed, He is All knower, All- powerful.” – The Glorious Quran [42:49-50]

Children are precious assets

Children are a divine endowment, a precious trust from the Creator. Through this trust, Allah assesses whether one safeguards it with due diligence. Allah tests if one disobeys His commands because of their child and if one guards the child as a sacred trust.

“And know that your wealth and your children are a trial. And that, with Allah is a great reward.” – The Glorious Quran [8:28]

Children are a covenant entrusted by Allah to parents. Parents must guide their children with integrity in faith, beliefs, intellect, behavior, manners, and life.

Parents have the important job of raising their children to be good people, teaching them to follow Allah, and protecting them from bad influences. Satan has always tried to stop humans from reaching their full potential, promising to mislead people ever since they were removed from heaven.

“And incite whoever you can among them with your voice and assault them with your cavalry and infantry and become a partner in their wealth and their children and promise them.” But Satan does not promise them except delusion.” – The Glorious Quran [17:64]

Allah has forewarned against the deception of prosperity and offspring. Herein lies the crux of the guardian’s responsibility.

Children have an innate capacity to absorb knowledge , imprinting it upon their minds. As the adage goes, ‘The teachings of youth are etched in stone,’ signifying the pivotal nature of early childhood in shaping a person’s character.

Islamic Parenting: Cultivating Virtuous Qualities in Children

“It is of great importance to a Muslim family that it apprehends its environment, and tries to understand its status therein, to be able to assess its success and failure. But, the level of involvement and participation of any family in the notable Islamic practices and etiquettes is enough measure of either its success or failure…” - Home Trajectory (Successful Family Upbringing Series-01)

An examination of the Holy Prophet’s teachings reveals a fundamental emphasis on fostering a child’s connection with Allah, a path of simplicity and righteousness.

On various occasions, remind the child of Allah’s presence. For instance, after savoring a delectable fruit, one might say, “Observe how Allah has crafted this sweet fruit for us!” Following a satisfying meal, one could remark, “Through prayer, learning the Qur’an, and heeding Allah’s edicts, we are promised even more sumptuous sustenance in the afterlife.”

Encourage the child to adopt a benevolent disposition—truthfulness brings Allah’s contentment, and serving others earns Allah’s favor and the promise of paradise.

In steering away from negative behaviors, one might say: Refrain from falsehood, as it displeases Allah; avoid discord, lest it incites Allah’s wrath.

“A child is more complex than any modern device. Giving a child a proper upbringing requires a combination of knowledge, experience, and skill. However, people hate to acknowledge this and it is the reason why some people may have the courage to beget seven children without ever considering reading a pamphlet, listening to a lecture or even consulting a specialist (in child upbringing)...” - Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02)

When a child performs a commendable act, affirm it with, “By Allah’s grace, your good deed is celebrated. Allah cherishes the benevolent.” , if a misstep occurs, correct it, “Refrain from repeating this, as it would displease Allah.”


Which book will you suggest for parenting?

There are many good books. In those, I will suggest the series Guides to Successful Family Upbringing (Book 01-06) .

What are the most common problems children face?

You can read the book Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05) .


Parenting in Islam is a journey of love, responsibility, and fostering a connection with Allah. Parents are given the essential job of helping their children grow into good people. They do this by following the Prophet’s lessons and teaching their children to live by their faith every day. This way, parents help their kids learn to be kind and strong, so they can handle tough times and make the world a better place.


Ilannoor Publications presents a book series published by Dakwah Corner Bookstore on upbringing "Guides to Successful Family Upbringing (Book 01-06)". There are 6 books is this series. They are:

1) Home Trajectory (Successful Family Upbringing Series-01) - This book lays the foundation for a successful family upbringing, discussing the importance of creating a loving and supportive home environment.

2) Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02) - This book explores the different stages of child development.

3) Family Interactions (Successful Family Upbringing Series-03) - This book focuses on the importance of family relationships.

4) The Adolescents (Successful Family Upbringing Series-04) - This book explores the unique challenges and opportunities of adolescence.

5) Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05) - This book addresses common problems faced by children.

6) A Child Reads (Successful Family Upbringing Series-06) - This book emphasizes the importance of reading in a child's development.