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Mohimannito Quran – Meaning and Literal Translation

Mohimannito Quran – Meaning and Literal Translation

Compiler: Ilannoor Editorial Board

Edition: Third

Subject: Meaning and literal translation of the Holy Quran

Are you reading or listening to the Quran without understanding? What else do you read and listen to without understanding the Quran?

Regular study of the Mohimannito Qur'an, meaningful literal translation--will help you understand the Qur'an like a child learning language, In-sha~Allah.

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Summary of the Mohimannito Quran

'Mohimannito Qur'an – Meaning and Literal Translation' is a research compilation. People enjoy reading something when they understand the message.

The pleasure of reading increases with understanding in tune with itself. For the pleasure of understanding the Quran, the Glorious Quran Literal Translation is unmatched because – along with the literal translation, the full heart of the matter is succinctly inserted at the right place if the reader does not have basic knowledge of the words, scenes, events, places, language, etc. described in the Quran.

Translations were validated and refined in the light of project guidelines after analyzing supporting texts and resources.

Translations of the Qur'an, no matter how perfect, are not fully capable of conveying the essence of the miraculous scripture. Yet within human limitations we are constantly striving to get closer to the aspirational meaning. Although there are many translations of the Quran, they do not help the reader to relate the Arabic words and their meanings.

The purpose of this literal translation is to help learn the language of the Quran. In this--

A. The meaning of each word is given just below it.

b. Attempts have been made to keep the translations of the verses closer to the literal meaning of the Arabic words than to the meaning. In cases where the exact literal meaning does not convey the meaning of the verse, the intended meaning is retained in the translation of the sentence. The aim of the whole work is to enable the reader to understand the Arabic directly.

c. The sentence structure in the translation has been tried to be close to the Arabic word order of the Qur'an, which is helpful for students to understand Arabic and Bengali.

d. The Holy Quran has about 80,000 words but the main words are only around 2000! It can also be termed as a miraculous indication of the Quran. If a reader decides to learn 10 new words every day, he will understand the main message within seven months! So, it is very useful to understand Quran, if one is interested in learning.

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