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Reviving 354 Prophetic Sunnahs: A Practical Guide

Reviving 354 Prophetic Sunnahs: A Practical Guide

This book offers a daily Sunnah for the Hijri year, reviving 354 practices of Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) through authentic hadiths and relevant Quranic support.

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In a world forgetting faith, rediscover the light: 354 Prophetic Sunnahs for Your Daily Life


Is Islam incomplete without the Prophet's teachings? This guide offers a practical answer, reviving 354 Sunnahs – daily habits of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) – for a fulfilling life aligned with divine scripture.

Feeling lost in the modern world? Each Sunnah, one for every day of the Islamic calendar, shines a warm light on your path. Whether forgotten through ignorance or underestimated, these practices offer spiritual wisdom and practical guidance.

Open to authentic knowledge? This book relies only on rigorously verified hadiths (sayings of the Prophet), ensuring genuine connection to his teachings. Even for disputed hadiths, Quranic verses provide support, guaranteeing reliable foundations.

Embrace a gentle transformation: Read one Sunnah each day, integrate it into your life, and witness the difference. No harsh burdens, just gentle steps towards a brighter, more meaningful existence.

This isn't just a book, it's a lighthouse: Rediscover the light of the Sunnah, find your way through life's complexities, and live a life enriched by the Prophet's wisdom.

Start your journey today. 354 Sunnahs, 354 opportunities to illuminate your path.


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