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Commentary On The Creed Of Imam At-Tahawi

Commentary On The Creed Of Imam At-Tahawi

This book, enriched by Ibn Abi Al-Izz's commentary, has earned a revered place in Islamic publishing history. As a foundational source for understanding Ahl as-Sunnah wa al-Jāma’ah's Aqidah, it has garnered substantial attention from prominent scholars and leaders.

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Commentary On The Creed Of Imam At-Tahawi: A Deep Dive into Islamic Beliefs

This book delves into "The Creed of At-Tahawi," a revered text outlining the core principles of Islamic faith. Written by Imam Abū Ja’far At-Tahawi, it offers a concise yet comprehensive guide to essential beliefs, free from misinterpretations and innovations.

Through the insightful commentary of Ali Ibn Abi Al-Izz Al-Dimashqi, this edition transforms the text into a captivating exploration of faith. Clear and accessible language demystifies complex theological concepts, making them relatable to readers of all backgrounds.

More than just a scholarly treatise, this book offers a roadmap for strengthening one's own faith. Each chapter illuminates a pillar of belief, fostering understanding and appreciation for the tenets of Islam.

Whether you're seeking a deeper understanding of your own faith or embarking on a journey of interfaith dialogue, this book provides a valuable resource. Its clear explanations, historical context, and insightful commentary make it an essential addition to any bookshelf interested in exploring the foundations of Islamic belief.


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Ibn Abi Al-'Izz Al-Dimashqi Al-Hanafi








2022 1st Edition


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