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Essay On The Heart

Essay On The Heart

Essay On The Heart is a unique and comprehensive exploration of the heart in Islam, written by one of the most influential Islamic scholars of all time, Ibn Taymiyah. Dr. Bilal Philips has added an extensive commentary to the text, making it more accessible and enjoyable for a wider range of readers.

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Essay On The Heart: A guide to the muslim heart

In a landscape brimming with books on spiritual growth, this text emerges as a refreshing oasis. Through its unique lens, it invites us on a profound journey into the heart – the very essence of a true Muslim's life.

Ibn Taymiyah masterfully unveils the central role of the heart, citing its purpose and function as illuminated by Allah and Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) in the Quran and Sunnah. He then explores the heart's sacred duty to remember and connect with its Creator. With insightful categorizations of the heart's various states, the author ultimately reveals the most dreaded condition: a lost heart. To avert this fate, he offers invaluable guidance, paving a path towards a luminous inner core.

Dr. Bilal Philips enriches the journey with his illuminating commentary, weaving verses and traditions into a tapestry of profound meaning. The result is an inspiring read, leaving you with a heart yearning for its ultimate destination – closer to Allah.


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2021 (Revised edition)


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