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Heart Therapy by Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

Heart Therapy by Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

The Heart Therapy is a collection of 40 hadiths on the diseases of the heart and the purification of the soul. It is a book of tazkiyah (self-purification) based on the Quran and Sunnah, a self-help book, and a project for changing your life and increasing your iman (faith).

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Rediscover Your True Self and Transform Your Life with Heart Therapy

This book can help you to rediscover your iman, live a more spiritual life, and change your life and the world around you. If you are struggling with depression, anxiety, loneliness, envy, greed, materialism, racism, warfare, or economic deprivation, this book is for you. 

Key Features of Heart Therapy:

  1. It is based on the Quran and Sunnah, which means that the advice in the book is authentic and trustworthy.

  2. It is written in a clear and concise style, making it easy to read and understand, even if you are not familiar with Islamic terminology.

  3. It is practical and actionable, providing concrete advice on how to cleanse your heart and bring change into your life.

  4. It is inspiring and hopeful, reminding us that Allah is always with us and that He will help us to change our hearts and our lives.

If you are looking for a book that can help you to live a better life, The Heart Therapy is for you. It is a book that can change your life and the world around you.


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Dr. Ali Albarghouthi

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