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Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05)

Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05)

Children's Problems is the fifth book in the Successful Family Upbringing Series. It is a comprehensive guide to the 10 most common problems that children face, including lying, low study motivation, ADHD, and children's quarrels. It provides parents with the knowledge and tools they need to help their children overcome these problems and live happy and healthy lives.

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Children’s Problems (Successful Family Upbringing Series-05)


Addressing children's psychological struggles, behavioral issues, and habit patterns presents a complex challenge owing to the individual differences in their responses to therapeutic interventions. Similarly, educators bring distinct backgrounds and approaches to addressing these issues. This variability highlights the possibility that a particular educational guidance method may work effectively for one child but not another.

My experience in providing guidance for parents seeking solutions to their children's problems has revealed instances where parents have already attempted the recommended approach, sometimes repeatedly. In some cases, the child's condition has even worsened following the prescribed method. 

In light of these challenges, it becomes crucial to possess a diverse arsenal of strategies to address any child's specific problem. We may need to employ a range of approaches to effectively address the child's difficulties, with the well-being of both the child and the family in mind.


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