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Change or Lose

Change or Lose

If you're looking to make positive changes in your life, Change or Lose is a book you should definitely read. Author Abdul Karim Bakkar provides practical advice on how to identify your goals, develop a plan for change, overcome obstacles, and stay motivated. He also emphasizes the importance of seeking guidance from Allah when feeling confused or short-sighted.

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Change or Lose: Realigning Aspirations and Embracing Reality

Change isn't a breeze. It demands wisdom and foresight as much as grit and drive. We must accept that our aspirations may not always align with our potential. Reaching for the stars is admirable, but sometimes the moon is the wiser choice. Embracing this reality requires two crucial shifts:

1. Acknowledging our limitations: Like a fifty-year-old can't compete in international football, our abilities and capacities evolve with time. Recognizing these boundaries, without self-deprecation, is key.

2. Aiming within moderation: We should strive for goals that are both legal and achievable. When doubt clouds our vision, seeking guidance from a higher power (Allah, in your case) can offer solace and clarity. Ultimately, contentment lies in cherishing what we achieve, not just what we desire.

This treatise aims to bridge the gap between dreams and reality. It presents profound yet practical ideas in an accessible manner, empowering young minds to navigate the complexities of change with confidence and wisdom.


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