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Rohingya Of The Arakan: Conflict, Crisis And Solutions

Rohingya Of The Arakan: Conflict, Crisis And Solutions

This book analyzes the Rohingya crisis through geopolitical and historical lenses, examining the actions of Burmese state authorities, military, and state-affiliated actors towards the Rohingya population. It argues that these actions constitute systematic ethnic, religious, and political persecution, constituting one of the gravest human rights crises of the modern era, while also addressing the government's denial of the Rohingya's existence and history.

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Rohingya of the Arakan: Blood on the Shores, Hope on the Horizon


In the emerald hills and coastal havens of Arakan, a forgotten tragedy unfolds. This is the story of the Rohingya, a Muslim minority ostracized by the Burmese state, denied their history, and subjected to a cruel symphony of persecution: ethnic cleansing, religious discrimination, and state-sponsored violence.

This book, penned by a Rohingya leader who has traversed the inferno of exile and oppression for over five decades, cuts through the fog of denial to unveil the chilling truth. Witness the conspiracies that orchestrate genocide, the systematic erasure of identities, and the lives shattered in the relentless tide of ethnic tension.

But "Rohingya of the Arakan" is not just a requiem for a lost homeland. It's a defiant call to action. From the ashes of despair, the author builds a bridge of solutions, proposing bold, practical steps towards a future where the Rohingya can reclaim their rightful place in Arakan.

This isn't just a book; it's a weapon of truth, a shield against injustice, and a beacon of hope for persecuted people. Dive into its pages and confront the shadows that threaten to engulf a forgotten corner of the world. Find not just the echoes of suffering, but the whispers of resilience, the embers of defiance, and the unwavering dream of a home reclaimed.


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