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Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02)

Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02)

Child Upbringing is the second book in the Successful Family Upbringing Series. It is a comprehensive guide to raising well-rounded and successful children. Learn ten essential principles for parents and caregivers, including how to create a loving and supportive home environment, set clear goals for education, and maintain a balance between discipline and freedom.

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Child Upbringing (Successful Family Upbringing Series-02)


The overwhelming amount of parenting books, both good and bad, can leave anyone feeling lost. It's no wonder! How do you navigate this sea of information and raise happy, well-adjusted kids? Plus, the list of "must-haves" for a good upbringing seems endless. With so much pressure, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and shut down.

But what if there was a master key, a universal approach that unlocks the secrets of connecting with and guiding young minds? I believe that key lies within the most influential figure in a child's life: the mother. By understanding the maternal role in child psychology and development, we can expand our parenting toolbox and face those endless "must-haves" with confidence.

This isn't about some rigid, one-size-fits-all method. It's about recognizing the unique power of the mother-child bond and using it to foster a nurturing, stimulating environment where children can thrive. It's about learning to read the whispers and shouts, the anxieties and joys, and responding with empathy and understanding.

So, let's shift our focus from the overwhelming lists and the endless "shoulds." Let's unlock the potential within ourselves, the mothers, and use it to guide our young ones on their amazing journeys.


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