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Stop Worrying & Start Living

Stop Worrying & Start Living

This book offers solace and guidance to those struggling with sadness and despair, in a way different from typical self-help books. It avoids platitudes about happiness and success, instead focusing on the deeper source of peace found in faith.

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Stop Worrying & Start Living: Transforming Despondency to Delight in 40 Steps


Do you feel trapped in a quagmire of sorrow and grief? Are burdens weighing you down like chains, obscuring the light of joy?

This book is not your typical motivational guide. It bypasses fleeting platitudes and delves deep into the core of your being, where faith and soul intertwine. Through 40 insightful steps, renowned scholar Abdullah bin Sa'eed Safar Al-Husnee Az-Zahranee offers a compass, leading you out of the darkness of despair and into the radiant world of hope and happiness.

Forget chasing fortune, for true solace lies within. Discover how to:

  • - Unravel the shackles of doubt and negativity woven by the whispers of Shaytan.

  • - Reconnect with the unwavering mercy of Allah, a wellspring of strength and peace.

  • - Transform your perspective on hardship, finding lessons and opportunities within every challenge.

  • - Nurture gratitude and contentment, turning thorns into roses and blooming even in the harshest soil.

More than just a book, this is a roadmap to inner revolution. Each step guides you closer to a life infused with meaning, purpose, and a profound sense of well-being. Embrace the power of faith, unlock the resilience of your spirit, and step into a future brimming with possibilities.


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