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Stop Worrying & Start Living

Stop Worrying & Start Living

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If you're feeling down, anxious, or hopeless, this book is for you. It offers a unique perspective on overcoming worry, sadness, and grief, based on the principles of Faith. The author, Abdullah bin Sa’eed Safar Al-Husnee Az-Zahranee, shares 40 practical ways to dispel negative emotions and cultivate a more positive and joyful outlook on life. This book is a valuable resource for anyone who wants to live a happier and more fulfilling life.

Why you should read "Stop Worrying & Start Living":

  • It offers a fresh and insightful approach to overcoming common challenges such as worry, sadness, and grief.

  • It provides practical and actionable advice that you can start implementing right away.

  • It is based on the timeless principles of Faith, which can provide comfort and guidance in times of difficulty.

  • It is written in a warm and encouraging tone that will uplift your spirits.


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Abdullah Bin Sa'eed Safar Az-Zahranee





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