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My Little Quran Verses

My Little Quran Verses

My Little Quran Verses is a delightful children's book that teaches young Muslims about the Quran in a fun and engaging way. Through the adventures of Aya and Sarah, Salim and Adil, children will learn about the importance of loving Allah and behaving well based on the verses from the Quran.

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Teach your children the Quran in a fun way with My Little Quran Verses

Embark on a delightful journey with Aya, Sarah, Salim, and Adil as they uncover the Quran's wisdom and guidance. Through their engaging adventures, your child will discover the importance of worshipping God and upholding good manners.

Children will learn in three parts:

1st Part: "Loving Allah" This part teaches children about the different ways to show their love for Allah.

2nd Part: "Good Behavior" This part teaches children about the noble qualities advocated by the Quran. They will also learn how to avoid bad behavior.

Final Part: "Correcting Bad Behavior" This part shows how the heroes in the stories try to correct their bad behavior, again relying on verses from the Quran.

Each verse in the book is illustrated with a fun and meaningful story, and a clear teaching. This makes learning and understanding Allah's verses easy and pleasant for young children.


If you are looking for a fun and educational way to teach your child about the Quran, My Little Quran Verses is the perfect book for you.


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